Schuh’s Services® We Clean It Up®  Tile  floor refinishing and maintenance business since 1985.
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When your in need of a cleaning profession that knows what it takes to complete a project on time, within a budget, with the highest of workmanship, you can relax knowing you have chosen the right company for your job.

We are fully insured and trained operators.

Every retailer appreciates the value of superior floor-cleaning, because store appearance directly impacts sales. In fact, research shows that 91% of shoppers choose where to shop based on whether the floor is clean.* In addition to the critical need for clean floors, retailers often have multiple floor surface types as well as other cleaning Needs. That's why they take special care when choosing cleaning equipment or a contract cleaning service.Spotless Floors Need a contract cleaning company that currently provides different types of cleaning services. Spotless floors are extremely important to your clients.

 “Floors are the first thing a customer notices when they enter a retail store”.

That's why the majority of retail cleaning time is spent on floor care, which often limits available time for other cleaning tasks. P4070007

 We have developed a Total Cleaning philosophy behind all the Advance industrial cleaning  equipment we use for your cleaning Needs.

 Total Clean combines superior design for performance with simplified  equipment use and maintenance, with fast dependable maintenance, with ergonomic user-friendly operation, with a common platforms, interchangeable scrub  decks for different types of flooring and AX  on-board detergent dispensing system features that helps with our company wide Clean Green Compliance program of Total Clean  technology

The Total Clean product development principle provides better cleaning results, drastically reduced time, and lower cost of operations,  through increased productivity.
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Let  Schuh’s Services® We Clean It Up®  show you what Total Cleaning really is.

Terrazzo Floor Maintenance   Stone Refinishing & Maintenance  No matter what size of job or kind of tough terrain you have to clean, Schuh’s Services® We Clean It Up® offers top performing products designed to meet your Needs


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